We specialise in high converting and eye-catching Shopify stores. Whether your brand is established and simply needs an updated store, or you’re an emerging e-commerce brand, we adopt a forward-thinking approach to building your new online presence. All of our Shopify stores include the following:

* These are not standard inclusions and will include an additional charge, please notify us if you would like any of these options added to your project.


Our design team is at the ready to provide the following:

  • Custom store design

  • Mobile & Web versions

  • Asset Design

  • Branded email notifications

  • Klaviyo Emails*

  • Product Content*

  • UI / UX Animation*


Our versatile development team offers the following:

  • Custom Shopify theme

  • Custom coded functionality

  • Responsive focused store

  • Live currency conversion*

  • Arcezo Access*

  • Subscription System*

  • Customer Accounts*


We set your store up with the below, so you can sell instantly

  • Shopify Store

  • Admin Accounts

  • Shipping Zones

  • Product Information 

  • Product Collections

  • Domain Connection

  • Domain linked emails*


We also integrate these platforms into your store:

  • Shopify Apps

  • Payment Gateways

  • Klaviyo linking

  • Google Analytics 

  • Facebook Pixel

  • Analytic Tracking*

  • Shipping Providers


T I M E   F R A M E

The average timeframe for a web project to be completed by the Arcezo team can take anywhere from 8 to 12 weeks depending on complexity and the specifics of the project.


Arcezo's process is created to ensure seamless project flow, allowing us to create a stunning site without any roadblocks. We've outlined an example process below, please note each project's process will be slightly different.

  1. Project is confirmed. You will recieve an asset request email, along with an important information document for you to complete.
  2. Design process starts once assets have been submitted.
  3. Design is ready for review. You will be presented with both the Mobile and Web versions of your website concept.
  4. Feedback is provided and changes made.
  5. Once the design is finalised - the project enters development phase.
  6. Development is completed to 95% completion, from there you are able to provide last minute feedback.
  7. Final development is completed.
  8. Website is handed over to you, along with guides on how to use your new site.

W H A T P L A T F O R M S D O Y O U O F F E R ?

We're experts in a variety of development langauges and systems meaning we can offer the following major content management systems:

  • Shopify
  • Wordpress
  • Wordpress E-commerce
  • Custom website development (Completely hardcoded)

W E B S I T E   A D D O N S   A V A I L A B L E

We offer a variety of additional addons to your project to help scale, expand and grow your business. Addons include but are not limited to:

  • Website Analytic Reporting - To enable you to focus on key metrics to expand your brand.
  • Expanded S.E.O - To increase your Google ranking and where your site appears in search.
  • eDM Design - Enabling you to spend more time on your business instead of trying to design newsletters for customers on top of everything else you do.
  • Copywriting - Our expert team of copywritters can breathe new life into your brands copy.


Due to each project having such a diverse scope, we are unable to provide a generalised investment price. However you can reach out to us to get a completely bespoke quote.

S U P P O R T   I N C L U D E D

All Arcezo web projects come with 2 weeks of prioirty support. We also provide video guides on the following topics:

  • Edit your Shopify store details
  • Editing your product information
  • Adding admin users to your site